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A licensed, safe and proven formula for your entire body!

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Proudly made in canada

More than 20 million Canadians suffer from
digestive disorders every year.


Aurum Alive works naturally to not only repair tissue

but to also maintain it, helping you regain and
sustain your vitality.

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About Aurum Alive by ROOT-A-VI
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What is Aurum Alive

Aurum Alive is a combination of 23 ALIVE nutrients designed to repair intestinal tissue and "reset" intestinal cellular function to its highly efficient nature and much more!


Aurum Alive's 23 ALIVE nutrients work synergistically to allow the whole body to function harmoniously as one.


Over the course of 12 years of human clinical studies, our President & Formulator Tammy Watts, ensured each nutrient found in Aurum Alive worked synergistically with one another to allow the consumer to experience TRUE VITALITY by addressing the body's root cause, the gut.

Most products merely act as a "bandaid solution" not actually addressing the root cause. Aurum Alive does not compartmentalize the human body, rather it allows for whole body vitality. 


All aspects of health can be traced back to the integrity of the digestive cell wall lining, and its ability to absorb nutrients. That's where it all starts. From there, fighting illness, healing, and achieving vibrant health is attainable.

Nature has the ability to protect itself but we humans need nutrients to suffice life.

These viable nutrients from Aurum Alive provided in two scoops per day allow your individual body to heal and bring back synergistic balance.

Aurum Alive, works to heal the digestive system and, oxygenates and detoxifies the blood system, allowing for nutrients to be delivered to the endocrine system so the entire body recognizes and utilizes the nutrients effectively.

Digested nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream through capillaries in the villi that line the small intestine. Blood also transports some hormones secreted by endocrine system glands to target organs and tissues. 

It's not a prebiotic or a probiotic. In fact, it allows your own body to balance your gut microbiome. Aurum Alive is an intestinal tissue healer that will be the catalyst to a healthier and renewed version of yourself. That's as GOOD AS GOLD!


Meet The Team


Tammy Watts (CNHP)

Founder & Formulator

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Spencer Watts

Media Manager

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    About The Team
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                                   is to help people experience whole body vitality by healing the digestive system, blood system, and the endocrine system so the entire body functions as one.
    Aurum Alive by Root-A-Vi is GOLD FOR  YOUR GUT!

    Our Mission


    What Our Clients Say

    Retired Registered Nurse's Testimonial
    after 1 week of Aurum Alive!

    In loving memory of Fred.

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